News Release: Local Leaders Back New Candidate Diane Pappas for State Representative

Aug. 1, 2018
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Local Leaders Back New Candidate Diane Pappas for State Representative

ADDISON, Ill. – Longtime Itasca resident Diana Pappas—a political newcomer motivated to stand up to extreme politicians in wake of Donald Trump’s election—will offer DuPage County residents an opportunity to challenge the status quo in Springfield by running as the Democratic nominee for state representative in the 45th District. Pappas will replace candidate Cynthia Borbas, D-Carol Stream, who announced her decision to withdraw from the ballot on Tuesday, and will face incumbent politician Christine Winger in the November election.

“Not only have I never run for office before, I’ve never even considered it,” said Pappas. “But like so many others across the country, the 2016 election showed me that people who believe in the rights of women and working families need to stand up to extreme politicians and demand a better future. If people in our communities don’t step up, put themselves out there, and run for office, we will never change the status quo and politicians like Christine Winger and Donald Trump won’t be held accountable for their votes and policies. I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch our representative vote against the interests of middle class families in my community and betray the values that make me cherish my chosen homeland. I’m up for the challenge and ready to fight for our values to move our state in the right direction.”

Born in Poland, Pappas immigrated to DuPage County at 11 years old. She is a graduate of Lake Park High School, Michigan State University, and Yale Law School. An attorney, she and her husband have lived in Itasca for over 20 years.

“After much consideration and discussion with my family, I have made the difficult decision to withdraw from the state representative race and devote my time this fall to my family,” said Borbas. “It remains critically important to me that our district is represented by someone who understands the issues that middle-class families face and will vote in the best interest of the 45th District. Christine Winger is not that person. I have known Diane to be a fighter for the middle class who is dedicated to furthering our shared goals of women’s equality, affordable healthcare, safe communities and economic policies that lift up the middle class. While my decision to step down was difficult, I am reassured knowing that Diane is stepping up. I have full confidence in her as a candidate and as our next state Representative, and I’m ready to do my part to help elect her and beat the Trump-Rauner agenda.”

“DuPage County residents are tired of out-of-touch politicians who refuse to stand up for women and the middle-class,” said Bob Peickert, Chairman of the Democratic Party of DuPage County. “I am thrilled that Diane Pappas is stepping up to give voters in the 45th District an opportunity to elect someone who shares our goals of equality, opportunity for all and policies that support the middle class.”

“More than ever, we need strong leaders who aren’t afraid to step up and fight back against Bruce Rauner and Donald Trump’s dangerous policies that put women’s lives at risk every day,” said Terry Cosgrove, President and CEO of Personal PAC. “Diane Pappas will be a leader for women’s health.”

Cynthia Borbas, Chair, Wayne Township Democratic Party